At least they give you tools

So I thought I’d play some games with my oldest son.  We chose Diablo II.  That’s a fun game we can play over a network.  I went and installed it on our Vista system for him.  I already have it on my Mac.

Lo and behold, there are “compatibility” issues with Diablo II and Vista.  I checked a number of different things but nothing ever worked out.  Drat.
Ah!  DUAL BOOT!  I found an article online that explained how to setup a Dual Boot situation in Vista such that I can go back and forth between Vista and XP.  That’s where the problems began.
I shrank the original partition and went to install XP.  XP didn’t see the new partition! Crud… okay.. well, I’ll go back to Vista and see what’s what.
Through a series of boots, reboots, restores and usage of the Vista Install DVD with the command prompt, I finally discovered the DISKPART tool.  This is a lot like the old FDISK utility.  Pounding my way through that, I finally was able to set my original partition ACTIVE and get back to a useable state.  Sheese…
Maybe I’ll just get the Stratego board out next time.
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