A handy little site for parents

Being a parent that grew up in the 80’s, I have a rich cinematic history to impart to the Ace and the Deuce.  With DVDs, Blu-Ray, Netflix, iTunes and the like, there’s no shortage of venues by which to get the movies.  The real problem is how the movies are rated.  Movies that were rated R back then might only get a PG or PG-13 now-a-days.  Similarly, if someone uttered a G*dd^mn or @ss, it was a big deal.  Today, we hear that kind of language on public television.

How is a parent to know what is actually okay for their kids?  The first (and best) option would be to pre-screen the movie so you know what’s in there.  Another option though, comes from our friends at IMDB.

When you find the movie you’re interested in, scroll down past the cast list.  There, you’ll see a link to a parent’s guide.

Clicking there will take you to a page where a variety of categories are explained.  Language, Sex, Violence, all the things parents might be interested in.

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