ORA-25408: Can not safely replay call

I have a system at work that imports data from the old system to our new system.  Given that the new system is very object oriented, performing a straight conversion is not really possible.  As such, we have this importer system.

During the imp0rt, I ran into a very strange problem.  While trying to fill a dataset from Oracle, we get the error:

ORA-25408: can not safely replay call

Weird.  Time for some research…

It looks like the ORA-25408 error has to do with some sort of “failover” event at the server.  It seems highly unlikely that this is actually what I’m running into.  However, I do know that our connection to the server farm is sketchy.

I updated the system with a Try/Catch block.  Now, if the dataset fails to fill, the system will sleep for 1 second and try again.  If it continues to fail, I’ll have to look into it further.

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