Digital Photo Workflows for normal people

My tribe and I just got back from a week long vacation to Disney World.  We had a great time.  Before we left, I knew I would be taking lots of pictures and video.  I have an 8Gb memory card in my camera but feared it wouldn’t be enough.  I picked up an additional 16Gb card to supplement.  I’m glad I did as the 8Gb card was fully by the end of the third day.

Now that we’re back, I need to go through all of the pictures and videos and make myself the requisite slide shows and such.  Something that seems to be lacking in the general knowledge of the universe is the proper workflow for how to manage and deal with pictures and videos when you get back from a vacation.

iPhoto (and now Aperture) both seem to deal with events just fine.  It groups all the pictures together nicely.  However, after that, then what?  Here are the steps I’m following…

  • Rate each photo – Give each photo a rating from 1 to 5 stars.
  • >>>>> 5 stars – Super high quality… eligible to be printed and framed
  • >>>> 4 stars – High quality… decent enough to show off to other friends and family
  • >>> 3 stars – Good quality… focuses on people or things.  Images are in focus and have good exposure
  • > 2 or 1 stars – Blurry or dark images or “room shots” that don’t focus on anything in particular
  • Tag the faces in the photos – remove the faces in the photos that we don’t care about.
  • Re-order the pictures… when several cameras (such as the main camera and iPhones) are used, many times, the pictures will be out of order.  Take time to rearrange them into the right sequence.
  • Less important is to add the photos to “Places” so we know where the photos were taken

After these steps are taken, then the pictures can be placed into the necessary artifacts such as slideshows or printed books.

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