Keybindings on the Mac

As you’ve probably gathered, I (proudly) consider myself a Mac guy.  I have spent enough money on Apple products to allow El Jobso to get an extra cup of coffee every day for the rest of his life.  I do a lot of work on my Macs.  But I’ve been a Windows developer since… well, nearly forever.

Habits are ingrained very deeply in people that do something all the time.  Something like typing!  Using text editors, code editors, blog writing software, word processors, email clients, and so on and so on.  Since I’ve been using computers with home and end buttons, the home button has always moved the cursor to the beginning of the line.  The end button moves the cursor to the end of the line.  All was well in the universe.

On the Mac though, no matter what application you’re in, the Home button scrolls to the top of the current document and the End button  moves to the bottom of the document.  Home = top…. End = end…. I get it.  This is different than anything else out there.  Different for the sake of different is no good.  The problem got worse when I hooked up my KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switch at work.

Finally though, I found a solution.  Thanks to Jim at Starry Hope!  He found a solution to the problem so that the home and end keys work like you’d expect.  It required using the terminal and editing some files.  After that, he created a little “clickable” application that does it for you.  I have tried it out and am happy to report that it works perfectly.

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