Macs are awesome, but…

Here I am… happily working along when suddenly, the screen goes gray.  My headphones cut out and I’m left in awful silence.  On the gray screen, I get the following message…

“You need to restart your computer.  Hold down the Power button until it turns off, then press the Power button again.”

Macs are awesome, but don’t ever let anyone tell you they never crash.  At least it had the decency to crash with a nice message (unlike some operating systems).

Below, I’ve listed a few images of the crash screens.  Some are more familiar than others.  I’ll let you be the judge of what’s nicer to look at and what’s more useful.

The message you get when a Macintosh loses it's mind.
The all too familiar Blue Screen of Death
A linux crash screen... less frequent but no nicer than Windows.
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