The best compliment

I got a phone call yesterday.  It was from a fairly highly placed individual in another location.  He is a CIO of an entire division.  He called me and paid me about the highest compliment I think I’ve ever gotten.

One of the projects I’ve worked on here at the University of Wisconsin has been the Electronic Application for Admissions (EApp).  You can check it out and apply at

The EApp is a tremendously large and complex piece of software.  During the construction of it, I had to deal with changing requirements, missing requirements, the tempers and whims of 26 campuses across the state and so on.  Nevertheless, I did it.  I had some supremely fantastic help from others on the team, but at the core, I designed it and built it.  I’m really really proud of it.

The phone call from the CIO basically said “Hey Mark.  Nice job on the EApp.  We like it a lot.  How did you do it?  How does it work?”


Getting the recognition for all that hard work really made me feel great.  That’s about the best compliment a guy like me can get.

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