Deleting photos from your iPhone

Recently, I found that I had a TON of photos on my iPhone.  These are the photos taken with the iPhone itself… not synced up via Aperture or iPhoto.  Managing those is easy enough.  These are the really random photos taken over the past year and a half (or whatever). Mine is a 32 Gb model, so I have lots of space, but there’s really no need to have all those pictures on my phone.  Deleting them one at a time is easy to do, but time consuming.  It turns out there’s a better way.

All you need to do is navigate to your Camera Roll.  When you’re there, you’ll notice an icon in the upper right.  It’s a little “curvy arrow” or action icon.  Tap that.  Your display will change and you’ll be able to select the pictures you want to keep and the pictures you want to take action on.  I say “take action” because with this method, you can delete, copy or share multiple items at once.  Cool!

I’m on the latest version of iOS (4.3.2) so your mileage may vary if you’re back level.

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