Windows 7 Gestures

It’s no secret.  For as much of an Apple fan-boi as I am, I am truly happy with Windows 7.  Not happy enough to get rid of my Apple gear, but happy enough to take a moment to write about another feature I just discovered.

If you’ve used Windows 7, you might have discovered that you can “snap” your windows to the top of your screen which will instantly maximize the window.  That’s neat, but we already had a maximize button.  What you might not know is that you can snap your windows to the sides of your display as well.  When you do that, your window will automatically size itself to be half of your display.  Cool!  You can snap one window to the left side and one to the right side.  Then your entire display is being used for those two windows.  It’s a really slick way to focus on your work instead of focusing on getting your windows displayed right.

Another cool gesture is to minimize everything other than what you’re working on.  You do this by grabbing the window you want to focus on and then shaking it.  All the other open windows will minimize to the task bar so all you’re left with is the one window you care about.

It’s neat little touches like this that make Windows 7 such a nice place to work.

It’s just too bad Mac OS X is so much better at everything else!  🙂


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