Shameless self promotion

Terso SolutionsI’m currently working for a company called Terso Solutions.  We at Terso are essentially an inventory control company.

It breaks down like this…

We specialize in “high value medical goods” that are tracked with RFID tags.  Our cabinets are secured by utilization of RFID passes.  When a person wants something from one of our cabinets, they present their pass to the cabinet.  An access check is run and if the pass is legit, the door opens.  The person takes what they want.  When the enclosure door closes, a scan is run by the cabinet to determine what was taken (or what was put in).  That data is transmitted to headquarters for processing.

That’s the interesting part.  The data transmission from the device to headquarters.  That’s where Jetstream comes in.

Jetstream is a cloud platform which allows software companies to add distributed RFID capabilities quickly through simple programming interfaces.

If you happen to come across this blog and read this post, you might check Jetstream and/or Terso out.

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