Is Cordcutting for me? Maybe.

Cordcutting? Maybe.

I’m thinking about trying to ditch DirecTV. I wouldn’t replace it with Charter… that’s for sure. Maybe the TDS TV (which I guarantee sucks) or maybe Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime (NAPH? Someone get my lawyer so I can copyright that.) Anyway, we’re still under our DirecTV contract for another year.

In the next 12 months, I think I should keep a log detailing what I actually watch. I’ll see if I can get the kids and Sharon to log what they watch as well. The biggest problem would be live sports and local weather. We have an “over the air” antenna that would let us catch most of that. We’d miss out on the ESPN games and NFL Network games as well as the Big10 Network games. All of those would be available at a bar though.

I think the biggest thing I’d miss out on would be the general “flipping around” stuff. You know… when you just plop down on the couch and start flipping around. The other thing we might miss out on or be behind on would be the shows we actually watch. Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Hell on Wheels, The League… They might be available on Hulu for us the day after it airs on broadcast but maybe not.

This is something that warrants further investigation.

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