Error when deleting a file

I’m not sure what the heck is really going on here, but for some reason, sometimes I can’t delete files and folders.  I get an error message telling me:

Could not find this item
This is no longer located in E:\.  Verify the item's location and try again.

1-6-2016 12-00-57 PM

What?  I selected the folder from Explorer.  I did a little investigation.  When I try to rename the folder, you can see that there’s actually a space at the end of the folder name.

1-6-2016 12-03-34 PM

But renaming the folder and removing the extra space results in another error telling me the names are the same.  This is weird because if you rename something the same, it should just work.

1-6-2016 12-05-55 PM

Oooookay.  Now what?  Maybe the command line?

1-6-2016 12-07-24 PM

Nope.  Well… no, but almost.

To remove these things, we need to remove them using the old school DOS 8.3 format name.  Issue the command to get the DOS 8.3 format names.

E:\fp23:\dir /X

1-6-2016 12-09-42 PM

Now, we can delete the folder (remove the directory) using it’s 8.3 name

E:\fp23\rmdir FAST~1

1-6-2016 12-10-37 PM

So weird that this is happening but at least now we can clean up afterwards.

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