BBBC #12 – What event are you currently looking most forward to?

Boy… I’m starting to feel like a broken record with my vacation to Michigan.  This year will be slightly different though.  The part of the vacation I’m looking forward to is the journey.

As I mentioned previously, I’ve ridden the trip from Madison, WI to Frankfort, MI.  The trip took me through the upper peninsula of Michigan.  Henceforth to be referred to as the U.P. (or UP because I’m lazy).

The first few times I did the trip, I rode through the UP and stayed in a very biker friendly hotel in Manistique, MI.  Manistique is about half way through the trip so it makes sense to stay there.  Since I didn’t have the family with me, I didn’t really care about the accommodations. I chose the cheapest hotel I could find.  It was kind of “murdery” if you get my drift.


But I didn’t care.  The ride had been great.  After a week of vacation though, the thought of doing that ride back wasn’t very appealing.  You see that Honda looked great!  It was a total blast to ride too.  But for a long trip like I took, it wasn’t really very comfortable.  Plus, I was new to riding a real bike.  So instead of riding back, I took the ferry across Lake Michigan.


The second year, I did the same thing, but this time I had planned on taking the ferry back instead of making it a decision while I was up there.  Taking the ferry is really, really nice.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve gotten really lazy.  I have taken the ferry TO Michigan as well as taking it back.  It’s nice.  I get to the cottage and I’m fresh.  I get to take my time while I am riding.  Plus, I convinced myself (not incorrectly) that the cost is a push.  Between the hotel and multiple gas stops, the ferry is about the same cost.

But this year, I have the itch.

I got the Harley last summer *after* I had already booked my round trip ferry tickets.  In hind sight it’s probably a good thing as I was still learning the bike.  I figure that taking an EPIC ROAD TRIP like riding around Lake Michigan on a brand new bike that I wasn’t entirely familiar with would be asking for trouble.

Now, I’m ready.  I am all set.  But I’m not going to stay at that murdery hotel this time.  I called around in the UP for a Bed and Breakfast.  I found one right along the route I’ll take.  It’ll be an extra $5 but I get breakfast out of it and I get a room that (hopefully) won’t have any stains in strange places.

When the owner asked when I was returning, she checked availability and said they were booking up quickly.  They’re a motorcycle friendly B&B and in July, it’s a busy place.  I booked myself for the return trip as well.  I’m committed!  No ferry for me this year.

I’m still in the planning stages of things.  On my way from Madison, I know I want to stop at Lambeau Field in Green Bay and get some pictures.  I imagine I’ll want to stop in other places as well.  I’ll post about my trip when it comes.  I imagine that I’ll be on a mission on the way there.  Hopefully I can change things up on the way back home and see some other sights.


One thought on “BBBC #12 – What event are you currently looking most forward to?

  1. Sounds like fun! I didn’t even know there was a ferry option. Thanks for that bit of intel. 🙂

    I tend to avoid murdery hotels, but there are quite a few cute, little Mom-and-Pop type lodgings out there. It just requires advance planning, something I don’t always take the time for.

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