BBBC #17 – An animal

Here we have a cow.  On one motorcycle ride a few years ago, me and 100 of my best friends went on a charity ride through rural Wisconsin.

As we were riding along, we came upon a guy running on the road side of a fence.  That was weird.  He was really haulin’!  He was running with a purpose!

Shortly there after, we came on what he was chasing.  LOL!  A cow had escaped and was just going for a jog!  I don’t know what the guy would have done if he caught the cow.  He clearly wouldn’t have been able to just grab it and stop it.

It was later on when we had all stopped and were laughing about it that someone pointed out that if that cow had made a left turn, it would have plowed into us and wrecked our fun day.

We really dodged a BULLet there.  <– See what I did there?

2 thoughts on “BBBC #17 – An animal

  1. A cow!!! Or a BULLet. 🙂

    I’ll never forget the first time I saw a small herd of cows running. Hubby and I saw it at just about the same time.

    “Look, the cows are running!” we both said. I never knew cows could run.

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