BBBC #19 – Your favorite snack food

I tend to be very streaky.  I will latch on to one thing and be totally dedicated to it for a while.  Then, for whatever reason, it’ll pass and I’ll latch on to something else.  For this reason, it’s hard for me to pick a “favorite” snack food.

But there is one thing.  I believe it should be classified as a Schedule I drug.  Something with no medical use and a high potential for abuse.  I speak of:

The white cheddar Cheez-It.

Oh my goodness.  Just look at it.

Tempting me with it’s tender/flaky texture.  The seasoning perched upon the golden exterior.  That little hole in the middle… they say it’s to promote even baking, but we all know.  That’s where the magic hides.

Look at that packaging!  Red box with bold white lettering, calling out like a siren calls out to a wandering sailor.  And look at the side!  When you fall victim and purchase a box, assuming you don’t eat the whole box in one sitting (who would do that?  Not this guy.  Especially not every single time).  Assuming you don’t eat the whole box at once, when you put it in the cupboard, it sits there, boldly calling out like a book waiting to satisfy your intellect.

Except these little devils are waiting to satisfy your cravings.



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