BBBC 2016 #1 – About You

About me…

Well I could cheap out and say read this, but that’s no fun. The BBBC (Brave, Bold, Blogger Challenge) is about new content and keeping things fresh.  Plus, I get the feeling my “About Me” page is probably a little stale.

So… about me.  I am a married father of two boys.  One is about to turn 15.  The other is 17.  The 17 year old only recently got his driver’s license.  He said the only reason he got it was so that he could get his motorcycle license.  Yay!  A built in riding partner!

I am a computer guy (as you’ll probably notice by poking around this site a little).  I was into photography for a while.  That was a fun hobby but I haven’t been into it much recently.

My big push for the 2016 riding season is to get out and rack up the miles on my bike by taking longer trips.  I got my new bike last June and put about 5,600 miles on it before having to stash her away for the long cold winter.  The vast majority of my rides were all short.  There were a few rides that extended up to 100 miles (still short) but most were shorter than that.

This year I hope to take several multi-day trips.  I already have one setup and scheduled.  I’m going to ride from home base in Wisconsin through the Upper Penninsula of Michigan, down across the Mackinaw Island bridge to our annual vacation spot just south to Glen Arbor.  Then, a week later, I’m going to reverse the route and head back.

Wait, wait, wait… less about the bike and rides… today’s challenge is about me.

I will be celebrating 20 years of marriage to my wife this summer.  I often refer to her as “flight control” as a pet name.  The idea is that I am the pilot of the plane.  I have to clear things by flight control.  If there’s something I need or want, I’ll ask flight control for clearance.

We have a useless dog that thinks she’s a cat.  She doesn’t play, she won’t come when you call her and she hates the water.  Very weird.  At least she’s not a barker.

I think that’s enough for now.

Thanks to for putting this together!

Thanks to for turning me on to it!

2 thoughts on “BBBC 2016 #1 – About You

  1. Thanks for playing! It took a lot of short trips to get 5,600 miles. Well, maybe 56 isn’t a lot, but it sounds like a lot to me. Especially to squeeze in before the end of the riding season. Very cool that your son will be riding AND providing you a riding partner. It’s sometimes hard to come up with fun things to do with your older kids.

    The UP is one of those places I hope to get to one day, but haven’t yet. Work really gets in the way of things.

    I look forward to getting to know you this month. 🙂

  2. Hi Mark!
    Glad to see you’re posting and taking part in Kathy’s challenge 🙂

    My big push for the 2016 riding season is to get out and rack up the miles on my bike by taking longer trips.

    I hope you make the time to do these for yourself. And share them with us, of course 🙂

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