BBBC 2016 #2 – An everyday item in your house

This is an interesting topic. An everyday item in your house. What’s an everyday item? Something I use everyday or just something I have? Something that everyone has? Something that I use that I’m attached to or proud of? Hmmm….

I think I’ll go with a seasonal everyday item.  My incense houses.

I love my little incense houses.  My wife gives them to me for christmas.  My kids love them.  Well… they did when they were smaller.  Now they’re teenagers so they don’t like anything.


I get these things out every Christmas and put the little incense cones in there.  I love the smoke coming out of the chimney.  I picture a fat little old german man and his fat little old german wife sitting there in their cabin.  Invariably, the fat little old german woman (known as mama) calls out to her fat little old german husband (who she refers to as papa) and tells him how cold she is.  Then papa will start the fire and they’ll warm up.  It’s a cozy little farcical day dream.

2 thoughts on “BBBC 2016 #2 – An everyday item in your house

  1. Well played. I like that you realized the prompt wasn’t as easy/obvious at it seemed at first glance.

    The houses are cute. And I like your “little farcical day dream.” But this quote made me laugh out loud: “Now they’re teenagers so they don’t like anything.” So true!

    Oddly, I’ve been pondering an experiment lately, photographing smoke coming out of things. But I have yet to think of the perfect thing.

  2. Now they’re teenagers so they don’t like anything.

    This made me chuckle in spite of myself. I feel you, bro. 😆

    The incense houses are so sweet. They look like they’re all from a place i want to be riding in. When there is no snow on their roofs, of course. 🙂

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