BBBC 2016 #3 – Today

Today’s BBBC entry is simply titled “Today”. I could do something emotional about how lucky I am to have my health, a job and a loving family. I could do something profound; perhaps discussing my relationship with my father and how it impacts the relationship with my kids.

No… I’m not doing that sort of thing.

Today is February 3rd, 2016.  According to we have 45 days left until Spring springs.


Yesterday they were predicting a huge snowstorm.  Not like those on the East coast got recently where they got 24 – 36 inches of snow.  Still, they had predicted the storm last week and were tossing the word “Blizzard” around.


It turned out not to be so bad.  We only got about three or four inches of snow.  It was the really heavy, water logged, wet stuff though.  Shoveling was a pain because it was so heavy.  After that, it got a little colder.  All the wet roads began to freeze.  Fortunately, I didn’t have to go out.

Today is a different story though.   It’s snowing again, but it won’t be bad.  The flakes are falling slowly and they’re the big puffy kind that makes it look like we live in a snow globe.  If I weren’t working, it would be nice to be out in this kind of snow.  Not on the bike though.

3 thoughts on “BBBC 2016 #3 – Today

  1. Pretty! That’s the kind of snow I would enjoy walking in, too. If, like you, I didn’t have to work.

    I live in that East Coast blizzard zone to which you referred. We got between 30-36″ of snow. There’s been lots of melting recently, and today it’s raining. A lot. I’m guessing we’ll be hearing reports of flooding by days’ end. I’m safe and sound in my office, currently on a quick lunch break.

    I enjoyed your post.

  2. Hello,
    We got a pile of snow in the end of September/beginning of October and very little since then. I think the actual snow depth is a bit over a foot. Weird winter.

  3. Nice post Mark.

    This year it seems like all the idyllic winter snow scenes are with our neighbors to the south. Winter in Montreal has seemed more like a lingering fall, or and early spring. Totally odd.

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