BBBC 2016 #5 – Name a place you want to visit this year. Why?

Shout out to ToadMama for this blogger challenge. It’s something I look forward to doing. Odd that I needed someone to setup a challenge for me like this.

ToadMama is a biker chick. She posts about various rides she’s done. As such, it’s no surprise that she would include a travel oriented blog post category.

I love riding and I love my bike. As such, when I saw the challenge for today, my mind immediately went into daydream mode.

As noted in another post, I got a new bike in June of 2015.  Between June and October-ish I logged 5,600 miles.  Some people are like 190645-surprised_baby_superat the notion of logging so many miles on a motorcycle in such a short time.  Other people (mostly bikers) have a reaction more along the lines of


Me?  I’m pretty please with myself.  Mostly because I don’t feel like I road over 5,000 miles.  That Harley… it just rolls.  Time vanishes and the miles rack up effortlessly.

So back to the BBBC for today… where do I want to visit and why.  My wife and I will have a few glorious weeks alone while the youths


are away at a Boy Scout camp for two weeks.  During that time, I would like to schedule a week long ride out to Mount Rushmore.


From home base in Wisconsin, I think it would be about a 12 hour journey.  For me, this is 100% doable.  Break the 12 hours up into two six hour days.  Each day, just ride for two hours, stop, gas, stretch, eat and repeat.  At the end of the six hours, find a hotel or campsite.

Regarding the why, well… realistically, we’re pretty close.  It’s a national landmark I’ve never seen.  I understand the ride there would be beautiful.  Plus, it would be a training ride.

My wife and I both want to go on a European motorcycle tour.  Imagine it!  A week of touring little European villages, meeting amazing people, riding in some of the most beautiful places on Earth.  As awesome as that sounds, neither one of us is prepared for that.  The furthest we’ve ridden together is about half an hour.  Attempting an 8 day excursion by motorcycle is ambitious and something I’ll have to build up to.  If we set our minds to it, we can start to tour together heading out for a couple of hours to begin with.  Eventually, heading out for an overnight.  I think the Mount Rushmore trip would be fully doable.

Now to check out my vacation time balances at work…

5 thoughts on “BBBC 2016 #5 – Name a place you want to visit this year. Why?

    1. LOL! He said it was a training ride, not a gorge until you’re sick of it trip! 🙂

      That being said Grand Teton National Park is one of my favorite places on Earth. If I were that close, I’d go.

      1. It’s a good thing I didn’t suggest Utah, Colorado, Arizona, California. After all, Boy Scouts should be able to fend for themselves for a week or three…

  1. Mark, this post tickled me in many ways. I have never ridden to the Black Hills, but I did tour around there on the back of Hubby’s bike for several days. It’s a magical place.

    Does your wife ride, too? Or would she be on the back of your bike? We’ve ridden in Europe a couple of times. It’s unbelievable. The challenge isn’t time in the saddle, it’s the roads. Be careful with your planning. Feel free to ask questions. Fuzzy can help with that, too.

    The last time we went to the Black Hills, we stayed in an absolutely adorable little rental cabin, mere minutes from Rushmore. It was a great location. If you want me to look it up on VRBO to see if its still a rental property, let me know. That was about nine years ago. But I will never forget it.

    Mt. Rushmore is doable. You can do it! I hope the vacation balance is in your favor.

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