BBBC 2016 #6 – Your age

My age… Well… at the time of this writing, I am 45 years old. That’s kind of a lame blog post though. I suppose I could jazz up my post and say some things like “I feel like I’m still 23 until I see a 23 year old. Then I feel like I’m 110.” Or I could say something like “My friends and I used to talk about all the debauchery we were getting into. Now we talk about what medications we’re on and the random aches and pains we experience.”

But no… I think I’ll go bigger. I won’t blog about my age but the age we live in.

I don’t think I’m really qualified to tackle such a big topic. I’m sure I’ll get lost in the middle and my ramblings will take many turns. Whatever… here we go.

I would love to say we live in an amazing time. I don’t think I can do that honestly though. I’ve never really lived in a different time. I’ve read books and watched movies from previous times. The radio guys I listen to every morning talk about the topic of living in earlier times. They’ll say things like “imagine dentistry in the 1920’s”. Yeah… from that perspective we live in a great time. More than that though, we are headed in the right direction.


I look at the age we live in a little differently though. I am really cynical. My wife (bless her) puts up with me somehow. But it’s important to know that you should filter all of what follows through the lens of my cynicism.

The age we live in kinda sucks. There aren’t any new places to visit and explore.  Not that normal people of normal means can get to.  I mean sure, there are lots of places I have never been, but someone has. And that’s sad. There’s no wonder of discovering a new shore and not knowing what kinds of animals you’ll find there.


We live in an age where any commercial transaction seems to relate to an implicit agreement that I will allow the seller to market to me for the rest of my life. When I go buy a box of rags at Home Depot, they want my email address so they can “email me my receipt”. Yeah… right. My receipt and advertisements forever. Plus, even though they claim differently, you just know your email address is being peddled. Why does Walgreens want my phone number when I pick up a prescription? And Target is the worst! They get your information and analyze you and your buying habits just based on your credit card or debit card number. Remember that story where Target knew a 16 year old girl was pregnant before she did? They were sending her targeted ads based on the things she bought. I long for the time when I could go to the hardware store and buy a hammer, pay for it and leave the store with a smile and a handshake.

We live in an age with phenomenal communications technologies and yet when we get to a restaurant, we do very little communicating with the people we are there with. We have hundreds of entertainment options between television, the internet and movies, but the quality of the entertainment is worse than it’s ever been and there’s no indication that things will turn around.

God… I sound like a cranky old man. I’m beginning to sound like one of those Facebook memes supposedly written by Robin Williams or George Carlin.


I know many things are in my control. I also know that I am willingly participating in a system that makes me crazy. The truth is that we do live in an amazing age. It just seems like it’s an age populated with idiotic morons and the self-centered greedy bastards that feed on their stupidity.

That’s a big reason I like to ride my motorcycle. For those few hours when I’m away, nobody is asking me for my personal information to sell me things. And for those few hours, I am exploring.


One thought on “BBBC 2016 #6 – Your age

  1. Well, said. All of it.

    Sometimes, I like to imagine I lived in the pioneer days, and wonder what it would be like to cross the country in a wagon in search of adventure. Then I realize I’m nowhere near as energetic, physically, as those folks would have needed to be. But then, that’s part of the problem with this day and age, isn’t it?

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