BBBC 2016 #7 – A daydream

Can you hear that? It’s quiet.There’s no traffic noise. There’s no air blowing through a ventilation system. There’s no clacking of keyboards. But it’s not really quiet. It’s the sound of water. It’s the sound of waves gently crashing. It’s the song of a couple of birds in the distance. It’s the sound of a warm breeze blowing through some palm trees. Can you hear it?

tropicalshore - sized

Can you smell that? It’s clean. It’s not antiseptic. It’s not the smell of floral scented bleach. It’s not the musty smell of office chairs or industrial carpet. It’s not the smell of stale coffee. What’s that smell? It’s the smell of nature. It’s the smell of water at the shoreline. It’s the smell of a firepit. It’s the smell of freshly cut grass. Can you smell it?


Can you see that? It’s bright and vibrant. It’s not beige. It’s not under fluorescent lights. It’s not straight lines. It’s not uniform. It’s not close to you. Can you see it? It’s the shore on the far side. It’s the bright green hills and bright blue sky reflecting in the water. It’s the orange and red embers in the firepit and white stars in a purple sky at dusk. Close your eyes. Can you see it?


I can.

2 thoughts on “BBBC 2016 #7 – A daydream

  1. Beautiful photos! Nice hints of somewhere nice but when I open my eyes, I see that it is still -4°F outside and the sun won’t be rising for another hour and a half…

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