BBBC 2016 #9 – Favorite shoes.

A special thank you to Kathy (ToadMama) for organizing this Brave, Bold Blogger Challenge. It’s fun to do and engaging. Even better is seeing the list of everyone else that is doing it. I have found a lot of new blogs that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. Plus, I look forward to doing it every day. I try not to peek ahead and see what tomorrow’s topic will be.

That being said… shoes? My favorite shoes.


Well… not all the topics can be amazing. Shoes to me are like tools. I wear the right shoes for the occasion. Black shoes with black pants. Brown shoes with brown pants. Bowling shoes, golfing shoes…. you get the idea. Beyond making sure I’m wearing the right shoe for the occasion, I really don’t care about them other than to make sure my feet stay dry.

Sorry to be lame for this one. Shoes are just not an engaging topic for me.


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