BBBC #21 – Best book ever

This is an interesting and timely topic.  As I daydream and fantasize about taking longer and longer trips on the motorcycle, I start to think of the time between saddle time.  The time when I am not actually riding.  Sometimes in my daydreams I’m camping, other times I’m in a hotel… but not a big chain hotel; a little bed and breakfast.

Either way, when I’m watching the scene play out, I am reading a book.  I might be reading around a firepit or in a chair in the room or maybe just taking a break reading under a tree.

But what is the book I’m reading?

Since it’s my daydream and I’m the hero of my dreams, I am reading some super deep philosophical book that holds meaning to me but nobody else has ever heard of.  Or I’m reading a book of poems or some other new age, enlightened mumbo-jumbo.

In reality though, probably the best book I ever read was The Stand by Stephen King.  I got the “re-release” version in the early 90’s.

As the story goes, the book was originally released in 1978 but it was too long so portions of it were cut out.  Later on when the book was released the second time, they put the missing pieces in again.  It was also updated to set the time to 1990 (originally set in 1984).

I was in college when I read this for the first time.  It’s a great story of good vs. evil.  The characters are deep and well thought out.  None of the characters “think” they’re doing anything bad or wrong.  Not until the last second when the realize their mistakes.

This will sound weird, but it’s a very “comfortable” story.  I mean it’s actually pretty disturbing, but reading it is like cuddling up in a blanket on a rainy day.  It’s cozy.  And despite being so long (over 800 pages!) it’s a surprisingly easy read.

I have moved on to many other books.  But The Stand is the one I would take to a deserted island with me.

One thought on “BBBC #21 – Best book ever

  1. Bravo! The Stand almost made it into my post. It’s one of my all-time favorites. I’ve probably read it at least five times. May be time for another go-round. 🙂

    Oh, and I love that first picture.

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