BBBC #26, 27, 28 and 29 – Wrapping up

This has been super fun.  I have really enjoyed playing along with Kathy’s Brave, Bold Blogger Challenge.  I’ve been pretty slack on it as we’ve been winding down so today, I’ll just whip out the final four installments.

They are:

  • How you make a living
  • Selfie, captured specifically for your post
  • Childhood photo
  • The first song that comes into your head and why

Here we go…

BBBC #26 – How you make a living

Ever since I played with that old Vic 20 in fourth grade, I’ve been a computer guy.  I have a knack for it and I’m good at it.

For a long time I was sort of a “super developer”.  I was technically a programmer, but I would also work in databases and such as well.  I was good at databases, but not like the guys that do it for real.  Those people are crazy.  But I can get along.

After 15 years of heads down development, I decided I needed to expand my range otherwise I’d be stuck slinging code until I retire.  I recently became a software architect.

There’s a lot of debate about what software architects officially do.  I like this description:  I make the early on decisions that will be hard/expensive to change later on.  If you think of building a house, I’m now the guy drawing the blueprints where as before I was the one swinging the hammer.

I’ll never stop swinging the hammer programming.  It’s just fun and I like it.  But as for my professional career, I’m enjoying my new role.

BBBC #27 – Selfie, captured specifically for your post

Thanks BBBC2016! 20 days until spring. 13 days until daylight savings.

BBBC #28 – Childhood photo

Aw... what a cute little shaver
Aw… what a cute little shaver

BBBC #29 – The first song that comes into your head and why

I always have a song running through my head.  I don’t know why.  Sometimes it’s maddening.  Othertimes, it’s just noise that I can ignore.  Either way, the song in my head right now is “Stay a little longer” by Brothers Osbourne.

I have been a huge fan of Progressive Rock for a long time.  They don’t usually play Sound of Contact of Neal Morse or Spock’s Beard on the radio or at the places I hang out.  Most of what hits me is country.  In an effort to expand my musical horizons, I’ve started getting into it a little.  “Stay a little longer” is one that really hooked me.  It’s a great tune that’s easy to sing along to.

What really impressed me though, was the video.  When you think of country music, you get some stereotypes in your head.  This video smashes ALL of them!  It’s all a bunch of couples going through the same thing.  Normally with a country song, you’d expect the football quarterback and the cheerleader.  Sure, they’re in there.  But then there’s an older couple… not like in their 80’s, but like in the Cialis ads.  Hahaha… anyway, that was surprising!  Not really what I expected from a country song.

THEN these guys really ramp it up.  They show a black guy and a white woman and a white guy and a black woman.  This really surprised me.  Maybe it’s reveals some weakness or prejudice on my part, but I was genuinely happy they’d do that!  Of course there are mixed race couples and of course they have their problems just like everyone else.  Awesome!!

But the one that really put it over the top… the move these good ole boy country singers pullled was showing the gay couple.  I was speechless.  I was so moved!  These guys are awesome!  The best part of it was that they didn’t hit you over the head with it.  ‘HEY LOOK!  GAY GUYS!  SEE?  WE’RE GREAT!’  Similarly, they didn’t just have them in there as a token.  ‘…. okay.  a gay couple for 3 seconds.  check… move on’  NO!  They had them in there just like the white couple and the old couple and the mixed race couples.  They showed them fighting and making up.  SO GREAT!

2 thoughts on “BBBC #26, 27, 28 and 29 – Wrapping up

  1. Great choice! And you’re right, it’s a classy video. Thanks for joining the challenge. I enjoyed “meeting” you and reading along.

  2. The picture of you as a kid is absolutely adorable. And your selfie and its message made me squeal out loud. Good job!

    The architect news was interesting, too, since we just met and all.

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