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I have decided that the time is now for me to rededicate this blog to what it was originally intended for.  Before I get into that though, let’s put the new blog address here.

Check that out and follow my two wheeled adventures.

So back to this blog.  A long time ago I decided that, as a developer, I should have a “portfolio” website or a “resume” website.  A website that would act as a professional presence.  I wanted a URL I would put on my resume.  This was that website.

Over the course of time, I would use this website as a repository for tidbits of technical knowledge I would find as well.  I would run into the same problem over and over again but never remember how to fix it.  I would have to go back to Google and look it up again.  Sometimes that was easier said than done.  So I started putting those scraps of knowledge here as well.  It was in the spirit of a professional website.

Then more time passed and other articles and pages started showing up here.  Nothing really bad or inappropriate, but more personal.  Things that weren’t really in the spirit of a professional site.

So here we are.  I have moved all the motorcycling content over to and will continue to refine this site and groom it back to the original intention of being a professional presence on the internet.

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