God talks to people everyday

I’m not sure what happened at about 3:00 this afternoon, but I got hit with a taste for wine.  I haven’t been drinking much lately thanks to a four day bender a few weeks ago.  That being the case, I decided to indulge.  Also, I t’s rotten weather and I’d rather be riding, but I can’t.  So why not enjoy a tasty glass of vino.


Also, think of this as a “let’s celebrate the new job” and “let’s celebrate leaving the old job” glass of wine.  All-in-all, I want it, I deserve it and doggone it, I’m gonna have it.

Here’s the thing…. I’m not sure God wants me to have a glass of wine right now.  You see, God was talking to me.

I know… I know.  Look… There were no voices in my head.  Plus I’m not entirely convinced of the whole “God” thing anyhow.  But I do believe that someone or something was talking to me.   Call it fate or whatever… for the purposes of this post, I’ll call it God.

So I left work with a hankering for a big fat glass of red wine.  Malbec if I’m going to be specific.  There’s a wine place just down the street from my building.  I walk past it every day.  I thought “this will be great!  I can get my wine on the way to my car!”  I walk in and notice an abundance of bottles and a distinct lack of seating.  Nuts… The place was a wine shop… Not a wine bar.

Fortunately, I have THE INTERNET.  I fired up Yelp and looked up “wine bars”.  I kid you not.  There was a wine bar directly behind where I was standing!  God spoke to me again.

C’MON MAN!  They had wine in the bible!  What’s your deal?  Fine… I work on the capital square in Madison, WI.  There’s nothing if not places to drink.  Back to Yelp and I choose the next closest place that lists themselves as a wine bar.  I know the place as more of a fancy beer joint, but now I’m on a mission.

I start making my way there and….

The level of road (and sidewalk) construction is downright hilarious.  Someone thought it would be a great idea to destroy one entire quarter of the capital square.  There was a big sign saying “businesses still open” but getting there was a huge pain.

At this point, it’s clear that God didn’t want me to have a glass of wine.  God was talking to me.  I could have had an Old Fashioned.

I could have had any number of other beers and/or cocktails with no problem at all.  It was just that I wanted wine and God put up obstacle after obstacle.

But I didn’t listen.
And now I think I’ll have another one.

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