My $1,000 Poster

I got a $1,000 poster in the mail yesterday.  Was it a 20’x20′ gigantic poster of something?  No.  Was it a meticulously reproduced version of one of the masters finest works?  No.  Was it an original that was custom made for me?  No.

What on earth?

Yesterday I received a little bit of a spiff from Tesla.  It was a large bi-fold folder.  When you opened it up, on one side was a very personal thank you from Elon Musk.  On the other side was a set of sketches of the upcoming Model3.

At least I have something to show for my $1,000.

I’ll say this… when people find out I’ve ordered a Tesla, they kind of freak out a little bit.  It seems like there may not be that much awareness of the Model3 outside of automotive circles.  People just assume I’m going to be dropping $90,000 on a car.  I have to be quick to correct them that, no, it’s just the cheap one.

Of course by the time I’m done optioning it up, I might end up with an expensive one.  #cantwaitforautopilot

The opened folder
Very personal, don’t you think?
It really is kind of a good looking car

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