About Me

Computer guy, husband, father, Wisconsinite.  I guess that also makes me a Packer fan, a Brewer fan and a lover of many things yellow (beer, cheese, foam hats).

Something new to add is that I am no longer with WPS Health Solutions.  After I had left Terso Solutions I joined WPS as an Application Architect.  Just as when an employee starts a job and is on probation to make sure they’re a good fit for the company, I put WPS on probation to make sure they were a good fit for me.  They weren’t.

Now I work for Wisconsin Interactive Network, a subsidiary of NIC, Inc.  We make websites and web applications for government agencies.  Federal, state, county, municipal… all of them.  For an example of one of our sites, visit

Outside of the technology realm, I have an interest in photography and (as you’ve probably noticed) motorcycles.



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