Clearing the cache

On DirecTV, you can clear the cache on your DVR with this sequence…

DirecTV people… did you know you can clear out the memory on your receiver? Just like clearing the cache on a web browser. I did it and it sped my box up. Tune to channel 1 (Customer Service Channel) and then with your remote, hit Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Yellow, Green. You might have to do it two or three times. In the lower left corner, it’ll put some text on the screen about flash memory cleared or something. It won’t hurt anything. Promise!


Ajax forms and PartialViews opening in a new page

Why can’t this just work the way it’s supposed to out of the box?

So here’s today’s dilemma (which I’ve solved exactly once for each project I’ve done because once it’s done you don’t have to redo it which makes me think ‘gee… maybe it should be this way to start off with’).  When you have a form on your page and want to submit it and get a result via Ajax the results are being displayed on a new page, not in the output div you specified. Read more

When I am king, there will only be one TimeZone for the whole planet

Let’s get this out of the way first.  I can’t sum up the problems that timezones cause develoeprs any better than this.

The Problem with Time & Timezones – Computerphile

Now that we have that out of the way, we can’t really use the libraries he references since we’re C# developers.  Sure, the framework has a lot of great tools, but how do we use them exactly?
Read more

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