My $1,000 Poster

I got a $1,000 poster in the mail yesterday.  Was it a 20’x20′ gigantic poster of something?  No.  Was it a meticulously reproduced version of one of the masters finest works?  No.  Was it an original that was custom made for me?  No.

What on earth?

Yesterday I received a little bit of a spiff from Tesla.  It was a large bi-fold folder.  When you opened it up, on one side was a very personal thank you from Elon Musk.  On the other side was a set of sketches of the upcoming Model3.

At least I have something to show for my $1,000.

I’ll say this… when people find out I’ve ordered a Tesla, they kind of freak out a little bit.  It seems like there may not be that much awareness of the Model3 outside of automotive circles.  People just assume I’m going to be dropping $90,000 on a car.  I have to be quick to correct them that, no, it’s just the cheap one.

Of course by the time I’m done optioning it up, I might end up with an expensive one.  #cantwaitforautopilot

The opened folder
Very personal, don’t you think?
It really is kind of a good looking car

Joining into the hype

Tesla Reservation

I know myself.  I’m a sucker.  I always have been a sucker for the newest hotness.  The newest flashiness.  Sometimes I wish I weren’t but that’s like an elephant wishing it didn’t have such a long trunk.  It just is what it is.  At least I know myself.

I have driven a Chevrolet Volt for many years now.  My first Volt was a 2012.  That was one of the first generation cars.  It was really awesome.  It seemed to me that General Motors was showing off with that one.  The engineering in it was top notch.  The fit and finish was fantastic.  General Motors wanted to show the world “Hey… look at us.  Look at engineering excellence!  We can still do it!  We’re relevant!”

IMG 0320
My “diamond white tri-coat” Volt next to a coworkers monster truck. The roofline of my car didn’t even hit his door handles

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